Are you really living your life for you?

You’ve been a high-achieving go-getter for as long as you can remember. What started out as feeling pressured to live up to standards of your parents, teachers, and friends, isn’t something you outgrew over time.

Today, it looks a little different, but the same ol’ people-pleasing tendencies have followed.

Your strengths are in overdrive: in the office, at home, at church… to the point where it’s become unhealthy. In all areas of life, you find yourself getting caught up in all the shoulds and to-dos that come with the desire to meet the expectations of what others want you to be.

And as exhausted, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled as you are, you still might be feeling incapable of making these changes for yourself, right?

But, when you aren’t receiving constant validation from others, it can lead you down a rabbit hole of negative self-talk, doubt, and limiting beliefs.

There’s only so much happiness another award, accolade,
or pat on the back can bring you.

The quick rush of serotonin might feel nice, but it’s fleeting.

And all the time you spend working toward those achievements?
Well, it’s time spent away from you actually living and enjoying your life.

Time with your kids.

With your husband.

With your friends & family.

Doing the things that bring you pure joy, for nobody else but yourself.

You know your current need for external validation, people-pleasing, and the
constant pursuit of uncovering your purpose, recognizing your value, and
acknowledging your self-worth is unhealthy.

Worst of all, it’s preventing you from living a life of ease, clarity, and abundance.

And that’s the kind of life you really want for yourself, isn’t it?

Not just for you—but for your loved ones, too.

You know that your need to always feel in control is actually making your life feel completely out of your control.

You know that another certification won’t make you feel more worthy, but the thought of not living up to your potential is dreadful.

You know that your thoughts, beliefs, and way you talk to yourself are only bringing you down… but how can you possibly turn that around for the better?

Lucky for you, this is what I do best!



For women like you who want to reframe your self-beliefs & self-talk, so you can stop self-doubting yourself into the ground & start living a full, abundant life.


and it’s time to flip the script.

You deserve unconditional love and acceptance—from others, yes, but especially from yourself.

But before we jump right into self-love, we need to address the source of where these limited beliefs stem from.

Your words, thoughts, feelings, and choices hold so much power. And YOU have that power inside of you to flip the script. You can truly change the trajectory of your life by changing the way you think (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now).

I’ll teach you how to do all of this and more, in pursuit of unlocking the vision of who you truly want to be.



  • 12 weeks of personalized mindset coaching
  • 1x 50-minute coaching call per week
  • 15–20 min. per week Voxer access per week
  • Highly tailored program to fit your unique needs, lifestyle, & goals
  • Provent mindset resources + strategies to support your transformation



The only way to finally achieve more abundance + fulfillment in life is to take the necessary steps to get there. The only step you have to worry about for now is applying to work with me—I’ll help you map out the rest.


We’ll have a 30-minute heart-to-heart to see if Uncommon Grit is a good fit for the kind of transformation you’re seeking. If we both feel like it’s a great fit, we’ll get you onboarded & ready to start.


While I’ll be there to deliver equal parts tender understanding & tough love, you are in charge of putting in the work to implement what you learn during our time together to see the results—especially when it’s uncomfortable.


  • GET CLEAR  in what you want your life to look like
  • UNLOCK THE POWER of positive thinking with mantras, affirmations, & a gratitude practice
  • BREAK THE CYCLE of negative self-talk & never feeling “good enough”
  • TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE by living for yourself & not letting your accomplishments define you.

It shows you believe you have something to offer.

That you know you are worth investing in.

That your voice matters.

That your purpose is meaningful and active.

That you can have that slice of success others are having.

By investing in yourself, you will manifest all the goodness you are giving yourself
into your own life AND into the lives of those around you.
Every opportunity you need to become your greatest self is lying on the other side
of your ability to be bold & claim your invitation.

So, I’m here, inviting you into this space.



After working with Jenn, I am more motivated than ever. I am building strong habits that will take me to my ultimate vision, I have a clear path and am confident about what success means to me. Jenn guided me to uncover my true passion, something that i was unable to see before and as a result of the work we did together, I have launched a brand new business!
I am shocked & excited in the best way and I could have never predicted this 3 months ago. I have never had this much fun professionally and felt this much aligned with my true self. A world of opportunity has opened up for me as a result. I am far less concerned of what others think of me, have more compassion and understand towards myself and others & I am clear on my values and more focused than ever.
Cara H.
With Jenn's coaching & encouragement, I found confidence in myself I’ve never had! She breathed life into me and helped me understand my limiting beliefs. By the end of our time together, I had launched a hugely successful business (being offered more work than I could say yes to), and hit the top of my “side hustle” company!! 
Jenn showed me I am indeed a leader and meant to be successful, and I could not be more grateful!!! Without her I may never have taken the leap! I am now able to make my own schedule to be with my toddlers as much as I’d like, and have more financial flexibilitythan ever before. My whole life has changed for the better!! 
Jacquelyn P.

It’s nearly impossible for me to capture all of the positive changes that I have worked with Jenn to achieve over the last year.

I think the simplest way to describe my transformation is that I’ve been able to achieve peace, a sense of control and restored hope for my future.  Jenn’s background in counseling combined with the tools she has developed and her own mindset work make her truly unique in this space.  I walked away with the tools to continue to implement these changes in my life and to continue to grow.

Mindset work really is worth it and I see now how it can be applied to so many situations. I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.


I can confidently say coaching with Jenn changed the trajectory of my life. So many aspects of my life took a shift for the better: career, relationships, self confidence, spiritual relationship, and lifestyle.

Truly THE BEST investment I’ve ever made. The returns are life long. Coaching is so worth the time, money, and work and every woman needs it (Even if she’s not yet sure why she needs it, she will benefit from it.)


Through coaching, I've gained more clarity on who I am, what my priorities are and that it's OK to live a life people may not approve of (or even understand).  I gained clarity around what I wanted and how I wanted my life to be.  This made it easier to make decisions from a place of confidence and alignment.

come away from my coaching calls feeling a sense of accomplishment, clarity and motivation. I also learn very valuable lessons; one of them being that it's ok to be uncomfortable.



What exactly is life coaching & mindset work?

Simply put, a life coach is someone who helps you make progress in your life toward feeling more fulfilled and purposeful. Lots of life coaches focus on a specific area—my area of expertise being the mindset work. Your mindset literally has the power to influence the trajectory of your entire life, so when we learn how to control our thoughts, beliefs, habits, and patterns, then we’re able to live our life in the most abundant, fulfilling way possible (however you define that for yourself!)

What’s the difference between counseling and coaching?

While counseling primarily focuses on where you’re currently at based on what’s happened in your past (your childhood, lived experiences, traumas), coaching focuses on your future: where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want your life, and the limiting beliefs currently holding you back from making that happen.

Given my background & experience in counseling, I can offer a little of both (when needed) inside the coaching experience.

How can coaching benefit me?

Some examples might be helpful. I have worked with clients on the following...

* Developing a better relationship with their peers, boss and/ or family
* Deepening their self-understanding
* Creating self-worth, self-trust and strong boundaries
* Navigating career transitions
* Increasing emotional resiliency and overall happiness and satisfaction
* Improving confidence, self-esteem, and personal worth
* Struggles in family relations & dynamics
* Creation of accountability plans for a series of goals, personal or professional
* General feelings of “blah” in their lives
* Creating stability from a place of being vs doing
* Developing a sense of control over their lives and preventing burnout
* Creating an intentional life that is fulfilling and aligned with their values

What do I get as a 1:1 coaching client?

While the framework of my 1:1 coaching container is the same for all my clients, the actual coaching experience will be COMPLETELY customized to you: your limited beliefs, patterns, goals, and your capacity. What we discuss in our coaching calls is completely up to you.

The finer details of the program look like:
- 4 calls a month
- Text & Email support - I am in your corner to cheer you on through this work
- Tangible tools for starting to understand yourself, your values, your motivations and your potential
-Exploration of your inner critic, and a pathway to remove that inner critic through love & compassion.
-A renewed sense of purpose, direction, confidence and worth
-A feeling that you are grounded, steady, and safe in this world and the way you walk in it

I’m afraid of failing this program… is that normal?

That's a completely normal feeling—trust me! Here’s the thing: there’s absolutely no way you can fail this program.

With 1:1 coaching being completely tailored to fit into your life and timeframe, we’ll work together to build a roadmap for you that’s actually attainable for your capacity, while still holding you accountable to making strides toward the abundant life you want for yourself.

Why do I need a coach?

I believe that everybody can use a thoughtful, trusted adviser in their life, one who can help them see any potential blind spots and get them “unstuck” from any areas of concern.

Many of my clients seem to "have it together" on the outside, however deep down they struggle to find self-acceptance and their own voice. Because of this, they are overcommitted (people pleasing), experience burnout (high-achiever), have a hard time finding contentment, feel overwhelmed in their life, lack a sense of control and struggle with the ability to rest.

They could use some help with advancing or navigating their career, their workplace relationships, their personal relationships, their self-esteem, or the most crucial relationship of all — the one we have with ourselves. Nobody needs to be alone when facing times of trouble or transition. I’m there to help guide you through.

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