A good life
takes grit.

The power of our choices, thoughts, reactions, and the narratives we tell ourselves can literally change the trajectory of our life. But it’s not something that comes easy.

It takes commitment, resilience, self-compassion, grace, and a ton of grit—something that I know you have, even if it isn’t being fully tapped into yet.

I’ll help you change that.

Ditch your limiting beliefs

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Hi, I’m

Jenn Boughey

wife, mother and founder of Uncommon Grit. wife, mother and founder of Uncommon Grit.

My story is walking proof that a good life is well-worth fighting for—especially when the going gets tough.

Growing up, I was a people pleaser. I lacked boundaries and I didn’t
know who I was. I suffered from persistent self-doubt and was going
through life with no real purpose. But in my early twenties, something
shifted. I decided enough was enough.

After college, I found my faith as a Christian and embarked on a
journey of personal development, which landed me a high-powered job
in corporate leadership and coaching. But something was missing—I
wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind human
psychology and behavior.

With a storied career of counseling already under my belt, I decided to
head back to school. I stepped away from corporate life to start my
family and further my education. After a lot of hard work, I received my
master’s degree in counseling, all while bringing three beautiful children
into this world. 

Today, it's my mission to empower women like you to know their true worth, break free from the lies they've told themselves, and help you link the connections between your thinking and your outcomes in life.

the program

Every woman deserves to feel in charge
of her own life.

Equal parts tender understanding and tough love,
Uncommon Grit is a coaching program that offers
a no-nonsense approach to changing the way you
so you can start maximizing your unique


"Working with Jenn changed my life, my confidence, my mindset and helped me find my voice. I am so grateful for the tangible tools she gave me to take my thoughts captive & flip them around to reflect the TRUTH about who I am. I am now empowered to make my life my own -- and I no longer let others choose for me. Hands down, coaching with Jenn has been truly priceless and I'd do it a million times over it."

Shannon A.

"I learned how to focus my energy on what I truly value. I learned how to shift my mindset. I learned that I am the only person getting in my own way- and that I can change that!"

Shannon A.
Erin B

"Jenn is in the role she was born for. she pushes you while simultaneously pulling for you. she makes you want to do + be better; you want to make her proud of you. additionally, the cheerleaders you gain in your corner are priceless. my new friends are some of my greatest encouragers! do yourself a favor and enroll immediately! no matter what season you’re in, it’s always the correct season for GROWTH."

Erin B
Sara S.

"I came into coaching not understanding how
powerful my own thoughts were. How deeply they
were related to my past or how they were
influencing my everyday choices and relationships.
I came out of coaching with so much more than I
ever expected. Being able to recognize my own
'stinking thinking' has helped me to be a better
wife, mom and woman! I've taken the leap to start
my own business and I have feel like I'm finally
living the life I want to live!"

Sara S.

Are you
ready to make
the shift?

The biggest transformations starts with changing
yourself.I’m here to help, take the leap and get in


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